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water dropBasement Water Proofing


There are some important things you need to consider before you hire someone to waterproof your basement.

Basement waterproofing is a common term which refers to various techniques used to prevent water from entering your basement. Thousands of dollars are wasted each year by customers, on methods that promise to keep water from entering the home or business, that fail to do so. Don't be one of those who are taken in by fast talking salesmen because you don't understand your water problem.


water dropThe First Step ...

is to take a moment to educate yourself.

Analysis of your particular situation is the initial step we take to determine the source of water entry and its solution. Notice the illustration above that explains the many ways in which water can enter your dwelling. Water can enter at the window well, through cracks in the foundation or floor, tie rod and pipe penetration, over the top of the foundation, up from the sump pump well and floor drains, from hydrostatic pressure pushing against porous concrete, also through the seam (cove joint) where the floor and wall meet.


water dropWater source

downspoutDiscovering a water source entry point can help to eliminate the moisture in your basement area. For example we see many buildings where water from a downspout or gutter is dumped on the ground right beside the building so that it migrates down the side of the building entering through cracks in the foundation wall and/or collecting at or under the foundation. Some problems like these are solved by first identifying the water source because it may have a lot to do with properly treating the water problem.

water dropWater Table

The water table plays a significant role in solving water problems. When groundwater builds up in the soil it raises the water table of the surrounding area, when the water table is raised high enough you will begin to see water in your basement. Because of the higher water table, water pressure will be exerted from underneath the basement floor and against the basement walls. It is then you will definitly need to take special steps for waterproofing or installing a water draining system.

water dropHydrostatic Pressure

water pressure

As the water table raises it creates pressure against the foundation floor and walls. This water pressure is called hydrostatic pressure and is what forces water into your basement through cracks in foundation walls, and openings caused by expansion, and contraction of the floor and wall seam. This Hydrostatic pressure can cause extreme structural damage to foundation walls and can contribute to mold, mildew, decay, and is the cause of other moisture-related problems. Your foundation walls are essentially the base of your home, so if hydrostatic pressure weakens your basement walls, your entire house is at risk.

water dropSoil composition can prevent proper drainage

soil_typesSome properties have soil compositions that can prevent proper drainage. If the soil composition around or under your foundation has a high clay composition or your house or building was built on an area of ledge rock then it will drain much slower causing difficulty for proper drainage resulting in hydrostatic pressure pressing against your foundation floor or walls causing leaks into your basement. If this is your situation it may be necessary to install a drainage system such as a sump pump to remove the water from the area. In more serious situations it may require both a sump pump and french drains to assist in the removal of water so that it flows properly into a sump for discharge away from the property. The reason this system works so effectively is because it lowers the water table and its subsequent hydrostatic pressure below the foundation enough to effectively stop the migration of water from infiltrating your property and consequential mold and mildew growth in your basement area.

water dropSealants

Sealants alone cannot solve a water problem effectively when the source of water continues to create hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls or floor. The proper way to handle the problem is to remove the water at is source. This can mean any of a variety of solutions such as installing proper gutter drainage, a sump pump, or french drains. Tiny leaks may respond to sealing water from coming in for a while, but the nature of water is to seek its lowest level. This means it will collect at the floor level and find a way in. There are various sealants that people use to waterproof your basement. However this is like putting a bandaid on underwater. If you have not solved the water problem it will reapper later on. This is how people lose thousands of dollars by waterproofing their home only to find water finding its source of entry after the hydrostatic pressure overcomes the sealant or finds a crack etc. There are interior wall and floor sealers. You can find products such as Drylok or Xypex at your local home improvement store. Use these products if you have minor intermittent leaks. Note that Drylok is a water proofer not a water sealer, meaning that it expands as it dries to become part of the wall. Xypex is more like applying a waterproof concrete on the surface that will bond with it. However remember if you don't find the source you have not addressed the problem effectivley and it may appear later as a more serious problem.

water dropDrainage Systems

sump_pumpThere are a variety of drainage systems solutions that are available and each one is suited to a particular situation. Give us a call for an accurate assesment of your particular needs. There are systems for handling external water problems which will move surface water away from your home. This system collects water that comes close to the basement or foundation of your house and diverts it away, preventing flooding from occurring. There are drainage systems for handling problems that have to do with the landscape of your particular property that moves underground water away from flowing towards your property. Then there are interior drain system solutions for moving water that is created by a rising water table and the resulting hydrostatic pressure by moving out and away from your foundation walls and floor. The Illustration at the right shows a picture of the working of a sump pump which is one of the popular ways of successfully moving water away from the basement area.


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freeYou will need a proper analsis of your problem by a qualified company. Dennis Diffley Drain Service is a leader in residential, commercial, and industrial drain and sewer cleaning services with over 40 years of professional experience, serving the Rhode Island area. We are the experts you can trust. We have highly trained and experienced crews with the very latest equipment to insure that you receive high quality drain system evaluations and construction experience .

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Preventive Mantenance will keep your drains flowing without interupption. Give us a call to set up a regular scheduled maintenance of your drain lines if you have a problem line or one that has a lot of use. We will design a regular maintenace program that fits your needs.


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